A delicious "pick me up"

I was visiting from out of town and was in desperate need of some corrective color since I decided to "save money" on a box color. My hair turned the color of Ga. clay. Ulrick was my stylist and I felt I was in very good hands right from the start. We looked at pics to decide on the color and now my hair looks amazing! It's never felt and looked this good! I love the fact that he really listened to me...a guy that listens ladies, what more could I ask for? Well, as it turns out he's very creative too because the haircut he gave me was just awesome, he taught me how to style it and everything. Now only if I could take him back home with me. I guess you can't have everything however,if you ever get a chance to go to Tiramisu Salon that is the same as having your cake and eating it too...no pun intended! Thanks to all of you guys at Tiramisu you really made my vacation.

Lisa G

Very Pleased

While vacationing in Atlanta July 5 thru July 20th I decided I needed a new look. A friend recommended Tiramisu Salon in Alpharetta. I wanted a short haircut for the summer and a bold haircolor to complement my complexion to move me from the 70's into the 21st century. The service was exceptional; I was not rushed; my questions were answered courteous and respectfully. Simple stated, Tiramisu cares about its clients. My being comfortable was important...I was important. I am so happy with my new look and I feel like a new woman. When I look in the mirror I love what I see. In addition, the formula was given to me to take to my Cosmetologist to maintain my hair color as needed.

Ruth Martin

This is the place to go to feel right at home!

I left satisfied and my stylists made me feel comfortable and helped me choose the right style for me! I am some what new to the area and when I was told about Tiramisu I went to visit and knew this was the place for me. I will not be going anywhere else. I highly recommend this place!


The best of Atlanta

Professional. Personal. Perfect. An upbeat and chic atmosphere exemplified by an equally impressive staff makes the Tiramisu Salon one in a million. This particular salon caters to each and every customer as thought they were family, inviting in all types of hairstyles and preferences. The stylist’s ability to be versatile is one of their most charming features, not to mention a beautifully designed studio. With every visit, the customer will find that the bond between stylist and client blossoms into a relationship that will last a lifetime. The care and consideration taken by the staff towards each individual’s need is almost heavenly. It basically boils down to an understanding and passion for what Tiramisu has to offer, and that is a fabulous hair experience! Hands down, the Tiramisu Salon is one of the best that Atlanta has to offer! You will never go to another salon again.

Ashley Sterling

I love it!

I had my keratin treatment today from Corinn today and I love it! I told her she needs to come home with me to do my hair every day. The whole experience was wonderful and everyone was so nice and made me feel welcome. I was a little leery when I first saw the living social coupon so I called the salon and the person on the phone took his time and explained the process to me. My hair is soft and smooth and smells wonderful. My daughters even love it. I will be back again soon!

Sharilyn B

Another great day at Tiramisu Salon.

The stylists are great and so friendly. New color, new style AND 2 more appointments scheduled as my schedule has no flexibility. Highly recommend.

Lori C


Never felt so secured about a first time in a Salon! EVERYONE smiled and showed their professionalism! My first experience was Awesome! I look forward for my next visit~ Thanks for my new Style

Vielka Alpharetta

Great experience at Tiramisu Salon!

At first I was a little nervous trying a new salon especially with young stylists. I used this Groupon for my first time going and have since been back a second time. The atmosphere is very relaxed but professional. I would recommend this salon to anyone looking to get a keratin treatment.

Ann A

Absolute Best!

Tiramisu and it's staff have been a saving grace for my hair. The atmosphere is awesome, the kind of place you can go and know you are being treated like a "Celebrity". They cater to the needs of your hair as well as to your individual style. I will forever be a "Tiramisu Client"! Did I mention that the staff are incredibly knowledgeable? They are the ABSOLUTE BEST!


Tahani Young

The Best Salon. Any City

Here's the thing about Tiramisu: After living in New York City for four years, I still, whenever possible, wait to have my hair cut and colored at Tiramisu. Their prices are far more reasonable than NYC salons, sure, but that's not the reason. Vicki (Vicky Vickie sorry if I'm misspelling your name!) is the kind of sylist/colorist everyone wants: she's not just incredible at execution; she's also an expert at advising you (something I ALWAYS need) about what's going to work best for your face shape, hair type, skin tone. Add to that the fact that hanging out at Tiramisu, with its full staff of fantastic people, feels like going to your warmest, most wonderful, incredibly hilarious friends' house and I can't see why anyone goes anywhere else....

Julie Patty

Great Experience

I tried Tiramisu for the first time this week for my semi-annual Keratin Treatment. Service was great and I'm so happy with the results! The stylist made me feel comfortable and like a well-known customer even though it was my first visit. I'll definitely be back!

Sue Fl. Gator

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